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In this on-demand webinar, Becky McArthur (speech-language pathologist) shares:

  • What the heck the 'science of reading' is
  • Why so many kids are struggling to read (and why the issue is often beyond the classroom)
  • How teachers can go from feeling overwhelmed and confused to empowered and prepared when it comes to their students' reading development
  • 3 things you can do to support your students' reading that are supported by research!


Duration: 45 minutes


Becky McArthur is a speech-language pathologist whose career for the past 5 years has almost exclusively focused on supporting literacy development in children. She runs We Communicate, a private practice located in Ontario, Canada, whose team of speech-language pathologists provides speech, language and literacy services to families.


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LINK TO COURSE: How to Teach Kids to Decode -

Webinar: Making Sense of How to Teach Kids to Read

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