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Our team loves to inspire and support families take action toward stronger speech, language and literacy skills. Here is how we do that:

Step 1: Assessment​: A comprehensive assessment provides you with information about your child's speech, language and/or literacy skills, including how they can impact one another. 

Step 2: Intervention​: Feel supported with the knowledge of a professional and get inspired to work towards stronger speech, language and/or literacy skills as a team! We provide intervention that is highly individualized and collaborate with a family to create a plan toward stronger skills that you can get excited about.

Step 3: Collaboration​: All of our services offer collaboration with the rest of a child's team including, but not limited to, other speech-language pathologists, teachers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, doctors and dentists.

So, what is the difference between speech, language and literacy? Click below.

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How your child sounds when they speak.


How your child understands and creates messages.


Your child's ability to read and write.


  • Assessment:

    • $160 per hour (durations vary; ranges can be provided for your child)

  • Therapy:

    • 45 minute session- $115

    • 60 minute session- $155

  • Consultation:​

    • $160 per hour​

Our team are all registered speech-language pathologists. Obtaining services from a registered speech-language pathologist allows you to use any insurance benefits you may have access to (we do not not provide direct-billing). It is recommended to contact your insurance company about coverage (usually under "Speech-Language Pathology" or "Speech Therapy"). In addition, services are sometimes available as a medical expense tax credit.  We recommend connecting with your accountant about this possibility. 

Service Locations

  • We come to you in the comfort of your own home

    • Norfolk County (currently: Simcoe, Delhi, Waterford)

    • Kitchener-Waterloo

    • Brantford

  • Online (aka telepractice)- available to clients across Ontario

Are you ready to take action towards stronger skills for your child?

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