Services: Speech

Speech is the way a person sounds when they talk.

Many children have concerns with their speech (aka speech sound disorder). So, if you are a parent reading this because you think your child may have difficulties with their speech, you are not alone. 

Before age 4, a major indicator of speech concerns is how well a child is understood by those who do not know them well (aka intelligibility). Here is a general guideline to follow:

After age 4, children should now be able to be understood by people they don't know all the time but can still have errors in their speech. Here is a general guideline to follow:


Read this graphic as: "By age __, your child should be understood __% of the time by people they do not know well".

Read this graphic as: "During their __ year, your child should be using the following sounds all of the time: _____".

Do you have questions or concerns about your child's speech? We are always happy to chat via phone or email to answer any of your questions or to book an initial assessment for your child. Find contact information here.