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Services: Speech

Speech is the way a person sounds when they talk.

Many children have concerns with their speech (aka speech sound disorder). So, if you are a parent reading this because you think your child may have difficulties with their speech, you are not alone. 

Before 4 years of age, we often want to know how well a child is understood by those who do not know them well (aka intelligibility). Recent research has updated our guidelines for intelligibility, however, we encourage parents who are concerned about their child being understood by others to refer for an assessment.

After age 4, we are often looking at challenges with specific speech sounds. There is a lot of factors we take into account during our assessments but here is a general guideline to follow:

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Read this graphic as: "During their __ year, your child should be using the following sounds all of the time: _____".

Getting support for your child's speech challenges is even more impactful than you might realize. It can:

  • Help your child become easier to understand

  • Reduce your child's frustration from not being understood

  • Reduce the risk of later reading challenges


If you want clearer speech for your child, we'd love to team up with you! Complete our quick online form today and we'll be in touch. If you have questions about our services, a lot of those questions are answered here!

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