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The vast field of speech-language therapy has often left me feeling overwhelmed, without enough time to research every new question or not knowing where to look.  Below are some of the epiphanies I've had on my journey that I hope support you on your journey as a parent, SLP or educator.

Learn to Read
Blog Series: Literacy

Every parent and SLP I've met have all agreed that learning to read and write is integral to a child's success, both in and out of school. But, what do we classify as difficulties in these areas and what do we know about their causes? What are the best methods of assessment and intervention for SLPs and parents? 

Let's dive into this series all about reading and writing.

Parent Key to Success: Gift Ideas

Holiday gift shopping for your or other children have you in a slump?


Check out some holiday gift ideas for children 2-9 years of age along with a free download.

Team Talk
Clinician Key to Success: Building Strong Parent Relationships

We all know that this is important but how can we do this better? Sometimes we are so focused on clinical impressions and therapy plans that we do not thoroughly explain the why to the child's support system. Explaining the why can help boost parent engagement and their ability to support skills outside of therapy.

Let's explore the why a bit more.

Child In Speech Therapy
Know the Evidence: New Speech Norms

A recent study provided an update to the ages at which we expect certain speech sounds to be mastered.

Let's explore this new research along with a free download.

Disclaimer: We Communicate is written for speech-language pathologists and parents. I (Becky McArthur) do not advise parents about the treatment of their child via this blog and recommend a parent visit (Ontario) or (Canada) to find a professional near you.

References to other blogs or websites are not an endorsement and I accept no responsibility for the contents of other websites.

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