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Services: Language

Language is the how a person is able to understand and express messages when communicating. These skills include forming messages, answering questions, following directions and also using language in ways that connect us with others (aka social communication). Language can be both verbal (using spoken words; e.g., "car") and non-verbal (e.g., pointing, gestures, body language).

Possible indicators for referral in children 1-4 years of age:

  • No first word (signed or verbal) by 16 months

  • Not yet using ~30 words by 18 months

  • Little or no use of early grammar (e.g., adding "ing" to action words, adding "s" for plural)

  • Difficulty with one-step directions at 1 year, 2-step directions at 2 years or 3-step directions at 3 years

  • Difficulty answering choice and yes-no questions between 1-2 years of age

  • Difficulty answering "wh" questions between 3-4 years of age


Possible indicators for referral in children 5+ years of age:

  • Difficulty with continued growth of vocabulary or understanding new words

  • Difficulty with more sophisticated grammar

  • Difficulty following complex directions

  • Difficulty understanding and talking about stories that are read to them, TV shows or movies

  • Social communication challenges

A comprehensive assessment by a speech-language pathologist helps to determine your child's skills in many areas of language as well as foundational skills that come even before a child is using words. This profile then helps to provide individualized intervention to help support your individual child.

If you have concerns about your child's language and want some guidance, we'd love to team up with you! Complete our quick online form today and we'll be in touch. If you have questions about our services, a lot of those questions are answered here!

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