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Do you feel overwhelmed with how to teach your students to read? Do you feel lost with struggling readers? This course will transform you from confused and overwhelmed to empowered and excited about how to teach your students to read.

Becky McArthur, speech-language pathologist, is the host of this online and on-demand course for educators. She took her 7+ years of experience and curated this course to help educators get clear on how to support the foundational skills of word reading in the classroom or school setting. Course participants will:


  • Learn how to teach word reading beyond the letters of the alphabet

  • Learn the 6 types of syllables, how to define them, how to teach them, and a recommended order of teaching

  • Learn about the skill that allows a phonics-based approach to actually enable kids to become skilled at reading words

  • Feel empowered about how their students learn to read and how to support these skills at kindergarten to grade 3 level

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