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Speech Therapy

Providing speech, language and literacy services to children in Norfolk County (Simcoe, Port Dover, Delhi, Waterford), Kitchener, Waterloo, Brantford and across Ontario.



Our team loves to inspire and support families take action toward stronger speech, language and literacy skills. Here is how we do that:



Learn about what services we offer and the locations we service. Once you are ready to get on the path to be supported, complete our online form.



A comprehensive assessment provides you with information about your child's speech, language and/or literacy skills, including how they can impact one another. 



We provide therapy that is highly individualized and collaborate with your family to create a plan toward stronger skills that you can get excited about.

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Why We Communicate?

We are a group of passionate, caring and approachable speech-language pathologists (SLPs) who are driven by the deep, meaningful connections we create with our clients and their families. 

Communication comes in many forms and some children need more support in gaining these skills. Everyday at We Communicate, we help our clients by supporting them towards stronger speech, language, reading and writing skills.

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