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Want to join our growing team of SLPs?

If you are a speech-language pathologist and feel aligned with the following, we'd love to hear from you:

  • Desire to grow deep, meaningful relationships with your clients and their families

  • Passionate about empowering families through direct assessment and intervention

  • Want to be energized by your work

  • Hold a life-long learner mindset and enjoy learning from others, including our wicked team members

  • Have autonomy over your work (e.g., the time of days/days of week you work, goals/approaches for clients, client time > administrative time)

  • Make change in this industry to better serve the children and families who need speech-language pathology services


We Communicate is a team of speech-language pathologists who are passionate about inspiring and supporting families to take action towards stronger communication skills. In the process, we build meaningful relationships with those we serve that truly change the trajectory of our clients’ lives.


Some details about being a part of our team:

  • Support families in the comfort of their homes in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Brantford and Norfolk County

  • Support families through virtual services

  • Scheduling is supported by Becky (owner/SLP) and is heavily geography-focused so you spend most of your time with clients and not driving between clients

  • You choose the days and times of day you work - if you want to hit up a 9am yoga class every day, just don’t book clients then!

  • Build from a part-time into a full-time role, with opportunity to make upwards of (or over) $100,00 per year as a full-time team member

  • Outside of client meetings, your time is yours to own. You can do paperwork in your pajamas, out in the sun or while watching your favourite show.

  • Our team utilizes systems and processes for you to be as efficient and productive as possible so you can live your life outside of being an SLP

    • We utilize Jane, an electronic records system, for easy documentation (signing paperwork, client notes, correspondence)

    • Write very few reports

    • Growing sets of email templates, materials and professional development ideas to reduce time spent on these tasks

  • Interest and/or experience in literacy is a must - our team supports a lot of children to become stronger, more confident readers. Cost-free mentoring and teaching provided by Becky McArthur (owner/SLP).

  • Full mentorship offered by Becky McArthur for new graduates

If you're interested in having a conversation about joining our team, the first step is to complete the form below. Following this, selected candidates will be contacted to schedule an in-person or Zoom conversation.

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What area(s) are you open to servicing?

Thanks for completing our form! Our team will be in touch. Until then, get connected with us on Instagram @we_communicate!

We Communicate is committed to supporting inclusion, diversity and accessibility to all team members. We understand and know that diverse teams are strong teams. If you require accommodation during the application process, please let us know how we can accommodate you by reaching out by phone (647-962-4552) or email (

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