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Growing Confident Readers Scholarship



What is it?

25% of children in Ontario are not reading on grade level in grade 3 (find statistics here). 


Reading challenges are associated with higher rates of anxiety, depression, suicide and incarceration (see here).


Our team supports many children to become stronger, more confident readers and thrive to become whatever they want to be.


We also realize the barrier that finances can be to accessing our life-changing services so we created the Growing Confident Readers scholarship. This scholarship provides access to reading assessment and intervention for children who would otherwise be unable to access it due to the cost.

Growing Confident Readers Scholarship:

  • Comprehensive literacy assessment (up to 2 hours)

  • 6 months of individualized literacy intervention (25, 45-minute therapy sessions)

  • All services provided by registered speech-language pathologist

  • Total value is a maximum of $3195

How do I apply?

Nominations and applications are currently closed. Get on our email list so you don't miss the next opening by scrolling to the bottom and popping in your email. Since 2021, we have awarded three scholarships to children in Haldimand-Norfolk Counties. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Child must be 6 years of age or older

  • Child is struggling with reading or foundational literacy skills (e.g., letter names & sounds)

  • Child lives in Norfolk or Haldimand County

  • Child's family demonstrates financial need (see application form for details)

  • Child is able to participate in structured activities one-on-one with an adult

What if I know a child who would benefit from this?

We're so glad you asked! The community is integral to helping us connect with the children & families who would benefit from these supports. If you know a child who would benefit from the scholarship, you can nominate them the next time our scholarship is open. Please note: due to restrictions on school computers and devices, you may need to complete the nomination form on a personal device.

If you have fellow teachers, school staff or others who work with children, please feel free to send this webpage to them!

Can I support the scholarship?

The Growing Confident Readers scholarship would not have gotten off the ground without the support of our local community. If you would like to support future scholarships, every dollar counts. You could fund a therapy session ($115), an entire scholarship ($3195) or anything in-between. Email "LET'S DO THIS!" to and Becky will send you the two simple steps. 

Your support is life-changing, directly impacts the children in the community you live and work in, and helps children thrive.

As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats.

Let's rise the tide in our community.



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