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Zoom from Your Dining Room

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Virtual services with We Communicate allows your child to make progress towards stronger speech, language and literacy skills in the comfort of your own home without waiting months on a waitlist.

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Picture feeling less worried about your child’s communication - they can read that homework worksheet, they can ask for their favourite food, they can articulate their name properly. That’s what we work towards, together.

Pull up a chair at your dining room table, click the Zoom link, turn on your video and have the undivided attention of a caring and knowledgeable speech-language pathologist to answer your questions, support you and your child, and work towards your communication goals.

We Communicate continues with virtual services because the vast majority of our clients (aged 1½ - 13 years) are thriving, and keeping our clients and their families safe is our number one priority. Some things we do to service each client and their family best:

  • Incorporating a child’s interests. I didn’t think I would know all of the Peppa Pig characters before having kids of my own but here we are! Peppa, George and Mr. Dinosaur have made appearances in our therapy sessions. Finding out your child’s favourite characters, foods, activities and games helps us make our sessions that involve direct time with your child as engaging as possible.

  • Parent coaching involves providing education and training to parents so they can better support their child’s communication. We use this as the primary intervention method for children under 3 years of age but it is extremely useful for all ages. We help parents of children with speech difficulties better hear their child’s error versus ideal productions to help make home practice as beneficial as possible. We teach parents of children with literacy difficulties what to do when their child is struggling with reading a tough word to reduce frustration when reading books.

  • Individualize goals and therapy approaches so that your child is working towards skills that will help them in their everyday lives, now and in the future. For some of our younger clients, this may be focused on increasing how well they are understood by others when talking. For older clients, this may include improving their spelling skills so they can write about their love of dinosaurs down the road.

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We can’t wait to return to providing in-home services with us physically in your homes in Norfolk and Haldimand Counties but in the meantime, we love ‘zooming’ into your dining rooms!

In order to provide excellent client care, We Communicate team members have a cap on how many clients we service. Contact us today to schedule your spot as we currently have availability for the fall! You can fill out a referral form (no doctor’s referral needed) here.

The gist:

  • Virtual services allows your child to make progress towards stronger communication skills without waiting months

  • Reduce your day-to-day worry and frustration by actively working towards your child’s communication goals

  • We adapt our services for your individual child including their goals, therapy approaches and activities!

  • Virtual services are available for children 1.5 years of age and older who live in Norfolk and Haldimand County

Fill out a referral form today:

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