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Services: Feeding

Feeding and eating impacts our everyday lives. Challenges in feeding can lead to stress, worry and isolation; not only for the child but also the family unit.

A comprehensive assessment looks below the surface of a child's feeding challenges to investigate a variety of factors that may be impacting their feeding (see graphic). Better understanding your child helps us to empower you as parents and work with you to provide individualized intervention to help support your individual child!

Some areas that may warrant a referral to our team:

  • Describing your child as a "picky eater" at 2+ well-child checks

  • More difficulty eating certain types or textures of foods (e.g., purees, proteins, fruits/vegetables, mixed textures likes fruit salad cocktail)

  • History of poor weight gain or reliance on tube feeds

  • Difficulty being introduced to table foods or weaning off the breast/bottle

  • Mealtime is a power struggle

You can also complete this online survey to determine whether your child would benefit from feeding services.

Our team currently provides feeding services to children 6 months of age to 6 years of age who live in Haldimand or Norfolk County. 

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Infographic adapted from SOS Approach to Feeding

If you have concerns about your child's feeing, you can complete our referral form hereIf you have questions about our services, a lot of those questions are answered here!

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